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Vaughn Garouche, brand owned by the Italian American Company "Rallo Gioielli", has been named one of Chicagolands premier jewelry and fashion boutiques for 9 years in a row since the opening in 2012.

With the opening of the new showroom in West Chicago, Vaughn Garouche is the new avant-gard store where you can buy Italian design jewelry, diamond jewelry, leather bags, sunglasses and apparel designed and made in Italy. Our expert fashion designers have brought one of the most interesting and beautiful clothing and leather line in the Chicagoland area.

Our new showroom, inside the Rallo Gioielli Suite, is the core of the new jewelry and fashion that has been designed and produced with care and detail to provide our customers with not just any piece, but a unique piece of fashion when it comes to jewelry, leather and clothing that will be cherished for many years to come.

With our expertise of almost 40 years, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Take a closer look and experience the ultimate Italian unique jewelry and fashion collection for yourself.

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