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The Vaughn Garouche Legend

Under doge Francesco Foscari (142357) the city of Venice reached the height of its power and territorial extension. At that time Vaughn Garouche, a jewelry merchant with French and Dutch origins traveled to Venice during one of his business trips. He would frequently bring precious gems and pearls from the far East. As time went on he had established business relationships  with noble families around Venice. Nonetheless he loved that city so much that he later decided to move and live in Venice as one of the wealthiest citizens of the republic.

Vaughn Garouche as a jewelry designer, and diamond importer became the most renowned jeweler of the land of the doge and the noble class living in Venice.
All diamonds and precious gems were coming from the land of Fiandre and the far Orient; Mr.Garouche would take the time to design and cast each and every stone on gold and silver himself.

His reputation not only grew with his Jewelry designs, but also his unique taste of acquiring beautiful pieces of Fine Arts.
Today his tradition and quality is carried on by our jewelry line and vintage articles. All of the Vaughn Garouche jewelry and fine arts philosophy can be purchased in our store with the help of our distiguished experts.