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Vaughn Garouche Story
Our story begun in 1982 when our founder and mentor Fabrizio Rallo started his own jewelry family business “Rallo Gioielli”, out of his house in the Venetian region of Italy.
Fabrizio Rallo and his wife Santy, created with farsighted passion for fashion and design the brand “Vaughn Garouche” as a new identity on simple principles: quality and price with the finest diamonds and stones selection when it comes to jewelry and unique quality design apparel and leather accessories that are distinguished in today’s global market.
Vaughn Garouche has a completely new line of clothing and leather accessories available in  store and online. Every product is of our unique Italian design and quality.
Today after more than 35 years in the global market, we are proud of our heritage and business success in the jewelry & fashion industry.
Thanks to our parent company “Rallo Gioielli”, we are also proud to have one of the largest Inventory of Certified Diamonds GIA, HRD, IGI available online to our client. Our fine Diamond Jewelry Collections, astonishing inventory of Platinum & Gold Engagement rings, Silver Jewelry Creations, Pearls and Coral Jewelry are available to the public in our Chicagoland store.
The brand “Vaughn Garouche Couture” is guided from the enthusiastic experience and knowledge of Santy & Fabrizio Rallo. The remarkable shining history of two people dedicated in the fashion clothing, apparel and jewelry design.