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Our Story
Our story begun in 1982 when our founder and mentor started his own jewelry business out of his house in the Venetian region of  Italy.
In few years, all the jewelry he created with precious stones, cast in silver and gold, sold anywhere in Europe at major exhibitions and with the help of two main offices in Italy and the U.K.

The early 90's was the time that everything started with a new wholesale office in the U.S.A.--a new complete line of jewelry and many new customers around the 50 states.

In 2013 the first retail store opened in Chicagoland.
Vaughn Garouche built his new store on simple principles. Quality and price with the finest  diamonds selection helping our clientele in every aspect.

As of January 2015, Vaughn Garouche became a worldwide online diamond dealer. Our customers can  select their own diamond, helping and educating them so they can cherish their purchase for the rest of their life.
The Vaughn Garouche Philosophy
Every loose diamond comes with our best price and certified authenticity.

Our prices are lower than any other chain or independent jeweler by 30 to 40%.

Our roots are based on our historical business experience. We produce our own jewelry; we offer the best diamond selection and service.
Let's get started.